By Vandana Verma

My quest for a healthy lunch service has yielded nothing thus far, but this takeaway might be my ticket to ride the mid-afternoon slump.

Nutritious Nation isn’t a café, or a restaurant. It is a teeny tiny takeaway window in GK-II’s M-Block Market (the one with Diva and 24/7) that sends out zesty fresh-squeezed juices, high-protein smoothies with only naturally-occurring sugars (the ones found in the fruit and milk), all-day breakfast bowls with fresh fruit and granola, and a varied list of wholewheat wraps, club sandwiches and salads.

If you’re not a fan of fruit-and-muesli breakfasts, try the pesto egg scramble, a lovely savoury breakfast bowl, with scrambled eggs and spinach topped with broccoli, basil pesto and a spoon of tomato compote that’ll keep you going til lunch and beyond.

The sandwiches and wraps are all balanced meals in themselves, and I can vouch for the Greek Town wrap, with grilled chicken, hummus, olives and a salad mix all swaddled in a wholeweat roll and served with a mini dipping pot of hummus. The green detox juice is my morning tipple of choice, but if you’d rather not do liquefied spinach first thing, try the orange+carrot or sweet lime+apple juices instead.

While pick-up orders account for much of Nutritious Nation’s business, they do deliver, but only locally, in the GK-II neighbourhood. They’ll send orders above Rs 500 to adjacent neighbourhoods, like GK-1 or CR Park, but if you live (or work) any further than that, you’ll have to pop in and pick your order up yourself. Regulars order their health-conscious meals the night before, to pick up en route to work (add me to this list), or swing by in the evenings to consume from the comfort of their couch. It is okay to be lazy if you're eating this healthily.


By Suchita Salwan

Of the many gastronomic surprises that GK II’s M Block Market has thrown our way, Nutritious Nation, for me, is a pleasant addition that’s been consistently good. This hole in the wall healthy foodie’s paradise has been around for quite a while now, and you’ve read about it beforehere. I’ll be honest – I thought it would shut shop sooner than later; and not because the food isn’t good. Burying popular perceptions of nutritious food, this little haunt has a massive menu, packed with salads, breakfast bowls, sandwiches and burgers, wraps, high protein smoothies and juices. The inkling of doubt had more to do with if this small take-away joint could stand tall against the burgeoning 3 floor establishments that crowd M Block market. As I found out recently, I’m not the only one perpetually looking for balanced meals and smoothies that do not use ice cream.

Lean Mean Machine

Nutritious Nation has a single agenda–deliver food that’s packed with nutrients, is balanced, and doesn’t taste like diet food. Based on my understanding of diets, the menu seems like it caters to those who are reasonably fit or at least work out a couple of times a week. It doesn’t eliminate carbs or fat, the gourmet sandwiches and wraps use healthier alternatives to white bread, mayo, cheese and other fattening elements found in fast food joints. The Peppery Paneer Sandwich I ordered came with low fat cottage cheese, fresh veggies, and green coriander chutney, and the multigrain bread wasn’t grilled in butter or olive oil. The menu also clearly specifies the calorie content of each item, with a break down of fat, carbs, protein and fiber. The Vegan Garden Salad and Tuna Delight Sandwich are other hits; and they’re all freshly prepared and packed to take away, or be home-delivered. I found the portions pretty generous – I had to split the sandwich with my mum, and I had my half with a glass of freshly squeezed sweet lime and apple juice. I’m also a big fan of the Berry Boost smoothie served here, which blends strawberry protein, skimmed milk, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries.

What’s especially noteworthy is how inventive their menu is. I’m particularly keen on digging in to the Veg Protein Burger that’s made from a patty of tofu and lentils, the Fish Cake Wrap that has fish tikka as its core protein, and Hazelnut Café Mocha, which reads like dessert but doesn’t sit around the waist like dessert.

“It’s not a diet. It’s not a phase. It’s a lifestyle change”

I’m borrowing this quote from Nutritious Nation’s Facebook page; and it perfectly sums up my experience. With ample options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, Nutritious Nation is a one stop for gym rats, fitness enthusiasts and even those who couldn’t give two hoots about diets, mostly because the food just tastes really good. That said, it would be silly to chow down a salad, a wrap, and a high protein shake all in one go in the name of health food – managing portions is still important.

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If you’re in the vicinity and are looking to grab a meal that’s fresh, healthy, and is as good for you as it tastes. Had a butt kicking workout? Get a hold of one of their high-protein shakes. They also home-deliver.

Where: M 45 Ground Floor, Greater Kailash Part II Main Market

Contact: 011 41587722, 9312264493

Timings: 8.30am to 11pm